Oddfella’s Cantina & Tapas (Floyd)


A typically charming and delicious Floyd restaurant where the locals are loving and it feels like bluegrass Pleasantville.

Details: covered to a T
Music: local bluegrass flavors
Cuisine: the same but with a Latino twist
Charm: naturally abundant

He Said: Floyd continues to surprise and delight me. Sure a few of the people you find out there might be a little off their rocker, or rocking chair as the case may be, but the town has all of the charm and caring small business owners that seems to have been driven out of the ‘Burgs. (Before you get all huffy, Blacksburg certainly has its charm, but campus gives it a completely different feel, and most everything downtown is owned by just a handful of people.)

oddfellasinWe decided to drive up to Floyd on a Friday night before it got too cold out to explore Floyd’s famous Friday Night Jamboree. And just, well… damn. Everyone in Blacksburg needs to Hokie asses up there at least once before leaving the town behind. Small groups of people line the tiny streets of downtown listening to locals play banjos, fiddles, and guitars in such a way as you’ll swear you’ve been transported back in time. I even spotted a lad no more than 12 join in with some impressively dexterous fingerpicking.

Before enjoying the local talent, we made our way into Oddfella’s Cantina & Tapas. I was a bit worried that it being a Friday night the place would be crowded. But I suppose the throngs of people in Floyd are either nonexistent or typically dine before 7:30, which is about when we rolled in, because the restaurant was pretty sparse.

I was wrong in a second regard too; we didn’t have to wait until after dinner to enjoy the jamboree. We got to enjoy the local talent right away. Nestled in the corner on a stage was a group of musicians playing fiddle, banjo, clarinet, harmonica, violin, and their vocal cords.

Besides the talent in the corner, Oddfella’s is wonderful. You can tell when a place has had a lot of love and labor poured into it. Bright colors shine from the walls, ancient hardwood floors creak beneath your feet, and the kitchen pumps out absolutely delicious food. While some more expensive entrees are available on the menu featuring duck or beef, I went for a more mildly priced option of fish tacos for $12.

And folks, these fish tacos stand up to even the freshly caught filets I’ve had on both coasts. Perfectly cooked and juicy, the accompanying guacamole and veggies perfectly complimented the catch without masking any of its flavor. The rice and beans sides were pretty good as well. And to boot, it was properly running down my arm by the end of the first taco.2013-09-06 19.19.10

With only a few bottled options of brew, we decided on a fairly priced bottle of wine. By the end of the dinner, we were full and happy, with a total check of around $55. Not too bad for a Friday night dinner with entertainment and vino.

Grade: A

She Said: Once again, Floyd continues with charm and delightful food. A beautiful Friday evening seemed the perfect time to venture out around sunset as we searched for food and bluegrass. Floyd delivered on both.

Oddfella’s Cantina is right downtown in a historic building with exposed brick and a wood floor. Charming? Check. We were promptly seated just in time to hear the live music. Their tagline is ‘Comfort conscious food with an Appalachian Latino twist!’ which is actually pretty accurate. They had some great looking mains and a fish special but I opted for the crabcake sandwich to err on the side of fiscal responsibility.

I had vowed never to get another crab cake this far inland, but optimism got the better of me. I’m glad it did.

2013-09-06 19.19.20The crabcake was great. Fresh and simple with limited filler and a decent size. The remoulade sauce and asian slaw were a nice touch. I was fortunate to sneak a taste of the Mr’s fish & guac and both were excellent.

Next time I plan to bring a fatter wallet and order some of their more expensive dishes. There’s a great attention to detail here, not just with the food but the entire space.

After dinner we just walked around and listened to music. I was amazed at how many people were playing and that folks just strolled through the middle of the street. Ten- year-old boys were playing banjos in groups with grizzled old men. It was like a Bluegrass version of Pleasantville. The stores stay open late, there’s all types of weird and wonderful things to buy, everyone is just hanging out.

Make the trip to Floyd on a Friday – you can’t go wrong.

Grade: A

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