London Underground

London Undergound

Beards, hipsters, musicians, and everyone in Blacksburg over 25, UNITE!

Beards: Big, busy, and beautiful
Beers: Tasty, cheap, and plentiful
Undergraduates: Noisy, annoying, and absent
Bacon Marmalade: Get some!

He said: London Underground is by far my favorite bar in downtown Blacksburg. It has a Cheers-esque feeling and the awesome facial hair is as abundant as the interesting choices of brews. There are absolutely zero signs of pretentiousness in the place. It’s dark, it’s cozy, and it’s relatively devoid of obnoxious people, who you can always recognize by their defiant abstinence of  jackets on cold winter nights.

underground dartsIt’s also home to the best dart boards in town. On any given night you can find dozens of people flinging sharp objects while becoming intoxicated. While this doesn’t make it the best place in town, the large amount of space given to them in order to avoid unintentionally playing pin the tail on the hipster does. It’s also home to the most impressive-looking dart league.

My favorite part about the place, however, is probably the large variety of beers at very reasonable prices. Most pitchers will set you back less than $11, and they carry a nice variety from places like Bell’s, Founders, Devil’s Backbone, Stone, New Belgium, and other reputable breweries. Plus, it probably has the highest turnover rate in town, with the possible exception of 622 North, having new options appearing on a semi-regular basis.

The only negative aspect of London Underground that I’ve found thus far is the quality of the food. I really, really want to love their menu, but I just don’t, and I’ve tried a lot of things. Their pizzas are rather bland, and the regular shape, size, and consistency of their fried fish heavily hints at coming prefabricated out of a freezer. The one thing that delivers on a regular basis are the burgers. They’re made with locally sourced fresh beef and are quite possibly the best in town. And if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, go with the burger topped with their homemade bacon-onion marmalade.

It may be made with crack.

Grade: A-

She Said:underground pizza I really love this place. It’s a beautiful, dive-bar-esque haven amidst a sea of typical collegiate drunktanks. This place has drunken adults. UG is dark and full of dart boards, delicious beers, and awesome bearded bartenders. *Swoon*

The Mr. covered the beer. Unfortunately, I have to agree with him about the food. The menu is very bar-appropriate, but not everything is as good as I want it to be. Their chili is pretty standard, BLT is great (thank you local bacon), and their burgers are excellent. Everything else is kinda on the mediocre side. Please, do me a favor and order their bacon onion marmalade burger. You’ll be in a serious food coma after, but it’s 100% worth it. In fact, just get their bacon onion marmalade on everything.

Grade: A-

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