PK’s Bar & Grill


A little bit of something for everyone in a joint that doesn’t completely suck.

Decor: dark and random
Onion rings: to die for
Beer: decent options at decent prices
Bar games: plentiful

IMAG0748He said: PK’s has a little bit of everything for a little bit of everyone. It’s a bit of a jack of all trades but an ace at none. There are a couple of pool tables and a few dart boards, but it’s certainly not a pool hall or a house of darts. They’ve got some decent beers on draft and a good number of them, but it’s most definitely not a beer bar. There are a good number of televisions throughout the joint – especially lined up behind the bar – but a sports bar it is not. And finally, while the menu isn’t short on tasty options and the food comes out with decent quality, it’s not a family restaurant either.

If there was one thing I’d have to say the place is excellent at, it’s at having a shitty decorator. Black ceilings aren’t usually my thing, especially when we’re talking about a ceiling made from those square ceiling tile grids we all remember from elementary school. The tables and chairs beg for updating – or at least for a little maintenance – and everything just seems like it came from Goodwill, and not in the almost-acceptable Hipster way.

Now, all that being said, it doesn’t completely suck. I ordered a pastrami sandwich with a side of onion rings. The pastrami was hot and peppery, the bread wasn’t completely stale, and it was all put together in a way that felt pretty good going into my face.

And then there were the onion rings.

Let me preface this statement by saying that I’m a  bit of an onion ring nut. Whenever they’re given as an option as a side for a sandwich, I order them. No questions asked. And I’m very particular about the rings I say are good. Typically I’m looking for big, thick-cut rings with a nice crunchy exterior. I don’t usually go for the shoestring variety. But damn it if these aren’t some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had in my life. Do they contain more salt than the Atlantic? Absolutely. Do they have enough MSG in the batter to instantly cause a tumor to grow out the side of my neck? Potentially. But you’ve gotta go somehow, and you may as well enjoy some fucking good onion rings before you do.

Grade: B-

She Said:IMAG0749 I have no clue who PK is/was or what it stands for. Just googled…still don’t know. But they’ve been in business for 20 years and they deliver!

PKs is actually kinda huge and I’ve seen a wide variety of people here. It’s kinda trashy looking but has a lot of pool tables and horrible karaoke on Fridays. Before this dinner, I’d been here to drink but never to eat.

Their special was a thinly sliced pork tenderloin sandwich with some kind of apple on focaccia. It sounded a wee bit more interesting than the other things on the menu so I went for it (potato salad as my side).

It was actually pretty tasty. The meat was a little dry but the apple-thing leant a nice bit of flavor. Focaccia was fine but not actual focaccia. The Mr.’s pretzel bun looked good, but was sadly stale.

I’m a focaccia snob. And a pretzel bun snob. All in all, the vehicle for the sandwich should be just as good as the passengers. And in this case, the classy riders were slumming it in Ford Edsel Corsairs.

The potato salad tasted like moments ago, it had been living for several weeks in a sad plastic tub in the back of the fridge. We’re talking Eeyore sad. Too goopy, bad flavor, not my thing. Everything was priced accordingly so I was pretty content with our meal overall. Especially because I got to steal a bunch of onion rings which are fantabulous.

Grade: B

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