Lefty’s Main Street Grille

mainRightCompanyThe smart kid down the street trying to hang with the cool kids while leaving the dweebs behind.

Beer: get it 
Burger: eat it
Sandwich: eat that too
Anything above $10: don’t get it


He said: To me, Lefty’s is kind of like the dorky kid in middle school with just enough athletic talent to stop the popular kids from picking on  him. While he’s not quite cool enough to be invited to the ultimate Power Rangers birthday bash, he sets the bar higher than the drooling masses the upper hierarchy refuses to even talk to.

Beef perfection.

Beef perfection.

I’ve been to Lefty’s several times – all of them for dinner. The menu sounds amazing. All sorts of interesting combinations of ingredients are thrown together in dishes that sound familiar enough to not scare off the foodiephobes. While the prices trend a little high, you won’t empty your wallet coming in a couple times a month and splurging on the special. But that’s only if you decided to do so.

Every time I’ve tried an entree at Lefty’s, I’ve left less than impressed. Either the execution just isn’t quite there, the ingredients aren’t quite up to bar, or the food simply sounds like better ideas than they actually are. Whatever the reason, I’ve never left with the thought of looking forward to my next meal there.

They just can’t quite hang with the upper echelon.

However, that’s just dinner. On my most recent visit, The Girl and I took her parents to Lefty’s on an unusually warm January day for lunch. It was so warm, in fact, we could enjoy Lefty’s patio – one of the few to find in Blacksburg. What’s more, the menu was even better than their dinner’s. All sorts of sandwiches, burgers and salads adorned several pages of tempting options without an entree in site. It was a tough call, but I ended up going with a burger topped with herb goat cheese, roasted red peppers and sautéed onions on sourdough bread.


Contrary to my previous visits, the food delivered on all levels. Despite not using a bun, the sourdough was toasted and thick enough to stand up to the solid amount of juice oozing out of the cooked cow. No soggy bottoms here. The beef was juicy and perfectly cooked to my preferred medium rare. And the toppings all worked together in a way that made my tastebuds glad they came along for the ride.

Afterward, I left with the knowledge that I’d be back before too long; their burger had left the rest of the restaurants in town drooling.

Grade: B+

She says: Lefty’s Grill is an unassuming little building on the very busy Main Street of Blacksburg close to Gucci Kroger*. It’s a very casual spot with a patio to match. It’s run by the same folks that do 622.

More beef, different side, same perfection.

More beef, different side, same perfection.

I’ve been several times for both lunch and dinner. The first meal there was quite good (cashew crusted chicken sandwich) so I was excited about future visits. Next visit was very meh. Visit after that uber meh. But being a hopeful, I went again. This time I got the burger (just like the pretty one above). There we go Lefty’s, good job.

Lefty’s has a nice variety of burgers to choose from, all cooked to order on sourdough bread. I normally don’t go for sourdough, but if a restaurant wants to do it that way, who am I to argue? Anywho, the burger was great. (Even my food-snob parents who were visiting agreed). An excellent portion of thick juicy moo moo. I had the same toppings as above and would definitely get it again. Great quality of ingredients perfectly prepared. My potato salad was also excellent.

Sure, I’ll come back to Lefty’s, but only for burgers, sandwiches, and perhaps a brunch (they have beignets!).Their entrees…well he said it all above. Not worth the $16. Just get some burgers and beer, you’ll be a happy camper.

Grade: B+

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